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All Open Class Exhibitors (every department) must purchase either a Membership Card (must be 18 and an Allen County Resident) or a Season Pass (under 18 years of age or a non-county resident) to enter.


Photography Classes for the 2015 Fair

Black and White Photographs:

A. Figurative (one or more persons)

B. Winter Scape

C. Times Forgotten

D. Candlelight

Color Photographs:

1. Fences

2. Fog

3. Birdhouses (no feeders or nest)

4. Lighthouses

5. Winter Scape

6. Storms

7. Bugs (no Butterflies or moths)

8. “Old” Train Stations

9. Old Glory

10. Gazebos

11. Bridges

12. Mailboxes

13. Doors – No people or animals

14. Water Towers

15. Caves

16. Monuments

17.Moving Water

18. Wheels Go Round

19. Allen Co. Fair

20. World of Farming

Please remember that the class description is the focal point of the photo

Digitally Enhanced Photo

a. Limit 1 photo

b. As this is a family fair any subject that may be inappropriate or

questionable will be accepted or rejected at the department’s



1. Any Subject – digitally enhanced in any form