Allen County Agricultural Society General Manager

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Allen County Fair Financial History Information:

f990 2010

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     General Manager Application Instructions


Final Filing Date:  May 14, 2012

 Required Documents: Application, Resume & Salary Requirements

 Preferred Delivery method: Email to in PDF format

 Selection Timeline:

 May 15 – June 3 – review of applications

 June 4 - June 8 – Scheduled phone interviews of selected candidates

 June 9 – 20 Scheduled “in person” interviews with finalists

 June 20 – Selection of preferred candidate at Board of Directors Meeting

 June 21 – Offer of job to candidate

 August 6 – Depending on experience of Candidate – job begins with shadowing of present

                    Fair Manager through Fair preparation and Fair               

 September 1 – Take over as General Manager

 (Take over date is flexible if needed for experienced candidate in Fair Management)


Allen County Agricultural Society



  •   Perform the duties of the General Manager as outlined by the Directors of the Allen County Agricultural Society and as required by the laws of the State of Ohio and the rules of the Ohio Department of Agriculture.
  •   Serve as Secretary of the Allen County Agricultural Society performing the duties as outlined by the Board of Directors and meeting the mandates as required by the laws of the State of Ohio and the rules of the Ohio Department of Agriculture.
  •   Work diligently to promote interest in the Allen County Fair through personal appearances, news releases, press interviews, etc.
  •   Oversee the preparation of contracts, sign contracts and oversee collection of payments for booths in the Merchants Building and for outside display space at the Fair.
  •   Work with the appropriate department/committees to coordinate the staking off of outside spaces for exhibitors at the Fair.  Provide a reference map for office personnel showing location of outside exhibitors.
  •   Act as the Editor of and help solicit advertising for the Premium Book, the Fair Magazine and the Fair Schedule publications.  Ensure that the necessary changes in these publications are made and make sure that each publication is proofread by several individuals as early as possible so the Exhibitor’s Handbook can be ready for publication on the website by June 1 and the Fair Magazine and Schedule by August 1.
  •   Be responsible for creating and maintaining electronic and social media for promotion and operation of the Fair and Fairgrounds including websites, Facebook & Twitter accounts and other non traditional information delivery systems.  
  •   Coordinate with all committees and departments of the Board of Directors to prevent problems and to enable both the Fair and off-season events to operate smoothly. 
  •   Be responsible for ordering, receiving and storing of all custodial and office items pertaining to operation of the Fair and all other off-season activities.
  •   Work with maintenance employees to establish a preventative maintenance program and maintain maintenance records on all structures, equipment and vehicles aimed at proportioning out the expenditures and prolonging the life of said structures, equipment and vehicles.
  •   Make recommendations to the personnel committee concerning the hiring and/or dismissing of all hourly and salaried personnel.
  •   Oversee rental of all buildings and facilities, striving to rent them as much as possible during the off-season and making certain to avoid conflicting dates of activities.  Oversee preparations, and negotiation of such rentals.  Make sure all buildings are in good order for the next rental.  Rent the marquee signs as much as possible, seeing that the information on them is up to date and that said information is removed the next working day after the close of said event.
  •   Consult with the organizations who maintain equipment in the kitchens before renting the kitchens.
  •   Ensure that the buildings and grounds are kept clean and that the buildings are locked and the utilities turned off when not in use. 
  •   Be responsible for the minor maintenance to the buildings and grounds, making sure grounds are winterized no later than October 31st each year.
  •   Monitor the renting of stalls in the Speed Barns.  Ensure that the barn area is kept clean and the trash hauled periodically.  Inspect the barns periodically.  Inspection should include checking for occupancy of stalls and for repairs needed.  Coordinate with the Chairman of Building and Grounds Committee if any emergency situation exists.
  •   Ensure that the Administration Office is open and manned for normal hours of 8:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. on weekdays that are not designated as official holidays.  During the week prior to the Fair, ensure that the office is operational from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. daily.  On Thursday prior to the Fair, and during the Fair days, ensure that the office will be operational from 8 A.M. to 9 P.M. daily.
  •   Manage the working hours of the Secretary’s office and maintenance staff.
  •   Attend regular, special and committee meetings of the Board of Directors. Fair Manager may be excused from the foregoing meetings upon approval of the President or in the President’s absence, the Vice-President. 
  •   Attend social functions which require representation of the Agricultural Society as coordinated with the President or Vice-President.
  •   To maintain continuity in the event General Manager is absent for any period of time.  General Manager is directed to maintain files on all individual organizations and businesses that use the facility, provide sponsorship or donate to the Society or the Foundation.  Each file shall contain information reflecting a past, present and future relationship with each individual or entity. 
  •   Maintain and compile a list of all sponsorship, said list to reflect dollars charged and/or discounts or tickets comps.  This information should include but is not limited to all sponsorships.
  •   Provide to the Treasurer’s Office a copy of all contracts to facilitate the accurate and prompt payment of all invoices. 
  •   Provide to the Treasurer a complete listing of customers or sponsors whose bills are paid in full due to but not limited to, trade in-kind payments for services rendered.
  •   Maintain and promote a working environment which provides easy flow of information between the Secretary’s Office and Treasurer’s Office, permitting each to accurately perform their respective functions.
  •   Review Director’s time sheets for services rendered for or on behalf at the Allen County Fair Grounds for which payment is expected and present to the President and Vice-President for review prior to submission to Treasurer’s Office for payment. 
  •   Perform such other duties as the Board requests and deems necessary for the administration and operation of the fairgrounds facility and the Allen County Agricultural Society.|


Allen County Agricultural Society

General Manager Position Profile
SUMMARY: The General Manager serves as the leader of the Agricultural Society and as its primary public
representative, reporting to the Allen County Agricultural Society Board of Directors. The General Manager
works in partnership with the Board of Directors and Staff to ensure that the organization fulfills its mission and to create strategies that ensure its future success.
REPORTING RELATIONSHIP: Reports to the Board of Directors
DIRECT REPORTS: President of the Board


• Collaborates with the Board of Directors to define and articulate the Agricultural Society’s vision and to
develop strategies for achieving that vision
• Creates annual operating plans that support strategic direction set by the Board of Directors through
collaboration and with support of the appropriate committees.
• Develops and monitors strategies in cooperation with the Treasurer for ensuring long-term financial
viability of the organization
• Develops future leadership within the organization


• Oversees the operations of the Agricultural Society and manages its compliance with legal and
regulatory requirements with special attention to the Ohio Department of Agriculture and the Ohio
Revised Code pertaining to agricultural societies and fairs (Red Book)
• Creates and maintains procedures for implementing plans approved by the Board of Directors
• Promotes a culture that reflects the organization’s values, encourages good performance and rewards
• Collaborates with the Personnel Committee to hire, discipline and terminate personnel. Manages the
human resources of the organization according to authorized personnel policies and procedures that fully
conform to current laws and regulations.

Financial Stewardship

• Develops annual budget that supports operating plans and collaborates with appropriate committees to
submit budget for Board of Director approval
• Prudently manages the Agricultural Society’s resources within budget guidelines according to current
laws and regulations.
• Supports Treasurer and ensures that Staff practices appropriate accounting procedures in handling of
• Supports Treasurer by providing prompt, thorough and accurate information to keep the Board of
Directors appropriately informed of the Agricultural Society’s financial position


• Develops fund raising strategies with the Board of Directors and supports the Board of Directors in fund raising
• Oversees committee members in the development and implementation of fundraising plans that support
strategies adopted by the Development or Fundraising Ad Hoc Committee

Community Relationships

• Serves as primary spokesperson and representative for the Agricultural Society
• Assures that the Agricultural Society and its mission, programs and services are consistently presented
in a strong, positive image to relevant stakeholders
• Actively advocates for the Agricultural Society, its beliefs and its programmatic efforts
• Acts as a liaison between the Agricultural Society and the community, building relationships with peer
organizations when appropriate

Programmatic Effectiveness

• Oversees design, delivery and quality of programs and services
• Stays abreast of current trends related to the Agricultural Society’s products and services and anticipates
future trends likely to have an impact on its work
• Collects and analyzes evaluation information that measures the success of the Agricultural Society’s
program efforts and refines or recommends changes in programs in response to that information

Board Support and Leadership

• Serves as Secretary of the Agricultural Society Board of Directors and serves on all Committees
• Supports operations and administration of the Board of Directors by advising and informing Board
Members and interfacing between Board of Directors and Staff
• Advises the Board of Directors in the development of policies and planning recommendations
• Makes recommendations and supports the Board of Directors during orientation and self-evaluation
• Supports and participates in the Board of Directors’ evaluation of the General Manager

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS EXPERIENCE: Five years of progressive executive experience within an organization with an operating
budget of at least $1,000,000.00, experience with management of volunteers and supervision of employees.

KNOWLEDGE: Human services systems, public relations and marketing, capital development, fundraising for
charitable causes, government regulations, organizational planning and human resource development.

SKILLS and ABILITIES: Excellent oral and written communication, leadership skills, team building, people
skills, the ability to work effectively with volunteer boards and committees; ability to plan, monitor and
evaluate budgets. Ability to plan, organize and implement activities appropriate to the advancement of the
organizational goals. Ability to lead the Agricultural Society to fulfill its mission. Ability to lead a diverse
group of volunteers and staff with respect and diplomacy while challenging their professional growth.

FLSA STATUS: Exempt – Position is salaried and exempt from overtime
WORKING CONDITIONS: Office administrative work approximately 80% of time. Frequent physical, hands
on tasks related to the maintenance and events on the Fairgrounds are required. Small amount of travel to
meetings and public events.

A.D.A.: The above statements cover what are generally believed to be the principal and essential function of
this job. Specific circumstances may allow or require Fair Manager to perform a somewhat different
combination of duties.

SALARY RANGE: $40,000 - $65,000

BENEFITS: The Fair Manager is not a county employee. The Agricultural Society provides full time
employees with medical insurance (subject to employee contributions) sick leave, vacation and paid holidays as
per Agricultural Society Policy.

WORKING HOURS: Base schedule is 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Meetings and events at
the fairgrounds often require working on weekends and evenings and hours vary greatly during the annual fair
to meet needs.

• Demonstrated knowledge and experience in developing and managing budgets, maintaining
sound fiscal policy; day-to-day record keeping; and preparation of board required reports.
• Knowledgeable in the areas of facility maintenance, purchasing and contracting.
• Knowledge and experience in planning, organizational restructuring and business
• Knowledge and experience in fund-raising, grant and sponsorship development.
• Ability to work cooperatively and communicate effectively with staff, Fair Board, local
businesses, media and the community.
• Knowledge and experience in recruiting, training and supervising employees and
• Knowledge and experience in developing and implementing marketing plans and strategies.
• Knowledge and experience in producing and directing community-relevant programs,
entertainment activities and special events.
• Knowledgeable in the areas of public relations and technology.
• Ability to create and deliver public presentations.


The Allen County Fairgrounds is located in West Central Ohio just outside Lima Ohio one mile
east of Interstate 75 between State Route 309 and State Route 117. The Allen County
Fairgrounds is the premier exposition facility in West Central Ohio. Allen County has 1,800
hotel rooms with over 1,000 at the two nearest interstate exits to the Fairgrounds.

Fair Facility Facts:
• 135 acres
• 30 buildings
• 50,000 Square foot Schmidthorst Pavilion (primarily an equine facility)
• Grandstand seating, 2,000
• Fixed bleacher seating 3,000 plus 1,200 portable bleacher seating
• 1/2-mile dirt race track
• 4 Rentable Heated Commercial/Trade show buildings total of 40,000 sq. ft.
• Parking: Unlimited
• Campsites: 300 electric sites – 50 full service RV Hook-ups
• 120 Horse Stalls in support of Pavilion
• 100 Horse Stalls for monthly/annual rent

Fair Operational Facts:
• 2011 Budget: $1,935,950.00
• Current full-time staff: Fair Manager, Administrative Assistant, 2 (two) Maintenance
• 2011 Fair attendance: 190,000 (third largest in Ohio)
• 2012 Fair dates: August 17th – 25th
• Major annual events: 4Wheel Jamboree, AMA Motorcycle Race, Max’s Waterdog Races,
Heart of it All Preview Cattle Show, Rebel Run Car Show, Tri State Gun Show (8 times per
year), Optimist Home Show, numerous swap meets and trade shows
• National Events Hosted: BMW Motorcycle Rally, National Trappers Association, National
Junior Simmental Association Show, National Junior Maine Anjou & Chianina Association
Show, Red Power Roundup
• The Allen County Fairgrounds is the busiest County Fairgrounds in Ohio and one of the
busiest in the Midwest.
• Annual economic impact to Allen County of $25,000,000.00